Bill Schupp Trail

Project from Park Land Zone 3

Project from Park Land Zone 3, Bill Schupp park is a high traffic park, known for its use of trails. The Parks department Horticulture crew is hard at work to refinish the entrance to the park with landscaping.  Additional entrances have been created with concrete ramps, and the team has completed 1/3 of the stretch of entrance to the park. Other improvements include new picnic table slabs, aluminum picnic tables, and ADA tables that will connect to the existing sidewalk system.

Marris Park Trail

Phase 1 of the Morris Park Trail

Phase 1 of the Morris Park Trail is currently in bid, Engineering has assisted with the project and cost estimates. Phase 2 is in design phase with MISD in mind for their request of a partial track layout.
Ware and Colbath

South Ware Landscape Beautification

Aerial photo of in house clearing of area to begin berms for raised landscape. Next step is to install a water connection to begin irrigation plan. Side view of scrapped area to prepare for irrigation and landscape for phase 1, South Ware Landscape Beautification.
Airport Park

Airport Park Bathroom Improvements

Airport park bathroom and improvements a part of Park Land Zone 1 is on its way to completion.  Bathroom in 80%, old bathrooms have been demolished, picnic table slabs have been poured, picnic tables are being assembled, ADA tables have been purchased for installation with ADA picnic areas connected to existing sidewalk. Demolition was done in house, to allow for use of existing plumbing to connect to the new restroom building.