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Official statement regarding COVID-19. Effective Monday, March 16, all regularly scheduled McAllen Parks & Recreation Department programs will be suspended until further notice. In the meantime, department staff will remain prepared to welcome back all of our participants as soon as it is deemed appropriate. Please review statement on link below.
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#RUNMcAllen from the comfort of your home or a local outdoor trail. Our Virtual series is a great introduction to the McAllen Marathon Scott Crane Memorial Run and a fun way to train for other runs. So, whether you run on a treadmill, jog around the neighborhood or walk around the block, the Summer Heat Virtual Series is an ideal way to participate in a McAllen Marathon run! Please be sure to practice social distancing when running and follow CDC guidelines when outdoors and when completing your run. 

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#MakeTheMost of your time and join us on our brand new e-sports league! Follow the steps on the graphic above in order to join the City of McAllen Parks and Recreation league. Click the link below for more information! If you have any questions, please email 

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#MakeTheMost of your downtime with the McAllen Parks and Recreation UNPLUGGED video series. Tune in for new home activities every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 3pm on @McAllenParks social media. 

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The Department strives to: Improve the quality of life through the provision of well-balanced, high-quality recreation programs for the residents of McAllen to enjoy during their leisure time. Facilitate wholesome and constructive programs with a measurable value to the community. Provide attractive and well-maintained major parks and recreation facilities in each sector of the city. These facilities should be within a reasonable distance of every surrounding neighborhood and offer safe opportunities for athletic competition, facility gatherings, and other passive and active recreation activities. Promote environmental conservation, eco and cultural tourism and socially oriented special events.

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The McAllen Parks & Recreation department strives to improve the quality of life of through the provision of well-balanced, high quality recreation programs for the residents of McAllen to enjoy during their leisure time.

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